expecttheunexpectedNormally, when people talk about benefit of martial arts, physical attributes come to mind.  Being more flexible, improving muscle tone and best of all (to some) weight-loss are just a few  advantages.  While these are some great perks, there are some benefits that may not be as apparent at first glance.

First, martial arts can help with improving your focus- on anything!  Starting out in martial arts, your concern may be to master the moves just right.  But, the more you do martial arts, the more focus changes to getting to class on time, making sure your uniform is in crisp condition and ensuring even the warm-up exercises are done right!  With that kind of focus just in one hour, it is bound to overflow into the other parts of one’s life as well!  A person may notice they are more focused on projects at work, their kids might be more focused on  their school work, or they may be more focused on keeping the house clean!

Another thing that goes hand in hand with focus is commitment.  As they grow in their martial arts training, they become more committed in pursing the next belt color – whether that is a yellow, orange or even black.  Again, with that kind of enthusiasm, that level of commitment has to  overflow into other areas in one’s life.   A person may find that they become more committed to their job, their family or their community.

The third unexpected benefit of martial arts is it helps a person stay grounded.  It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos in everyday life, but with martial arts a person learns how to control their actions and feelings under intense and sometimes scary circumstances.  For instance, suppose a perpetrator grabs a person by the arm.  In martial arts training, it is taught to control the mind  before the body.  In this way, the conditioned response helps the person responds appropriately instead of freezing up.

As it can be easily seen, martial arts can be a positive influence in one’s life in a variety of ways.  Not only can it regenerate the physical body, it has a possibility of changing the person from the inside out!  So, if you are looking for a better you, who knows, maybe martial arts is the way to go!

Expect The Unexpected