We are excited to announce a renewed effort of creating more visual and digital awareness for the school. We are doing this through the redesign of our website, enhanced social media efforts, visually appealing print material, and more media awareness.

We would like you to be a part of this growth process. You are invited to join us Saturday, August 20th at 9 am for our Basche’s Karate Media and Testimonial Day. We will be photographing action shots and taking video or written testimonials of our students. We will then archive these photos, videos, and testimonials for current and future use in print promotional materials and digital marketing.

Those choosing to participate are required to sign the attached media release. Students under the age of 18 must have the release signed by their parents as well.

Students are not required to participate. This is a strictly voluntary event. There will be no negative consequences of choosing not to or being unable to participate.

Basche’s Martial Arts has been blessed with a diverse and rich body of students. We are grateful for your continued discipline, devotion to the school, and dedication to the art.

Thank You,

Sensei and Basche’s Martial Arts Team

Student Testimonial Day