There is a lot of advice floating around. It is good to have dreams and ambitions, and for many of us there are plenty of resources at our disposal. It is so easy to get caught up in what we should and should not do, but no piece of advice will do a person any good without consistency. In this article we will discuss 3 types of consistency.


  • Consistency In Action: We have all heard it said that practice makes perfect. A more precise statement would be that consistent practice makes perfect. A student can practice the same kick for five hours. While much progress will be made in that day, there will be little to show for it a few weeks down the road if the student doesn’t practice that kick again. Training the body on a consistent basis is the only way to bring about consistent lasting change. Once good habits are formed, that student may be left to wonder why they didn’t start practicing consistently sooner. As Sensei often says, “When you work out, you can’t help but to feel good.”


  • Consistency in Focus: A student may practice every day, but unless that student is engaging in focused practice he or she will see little if any improvement. 100 sloppy kicks are still sloppy. Sure there may be some level of cardio to gain, but in a combat or sparring situation he or she is still in trouble. Focusing on doing the best possible kick frequently on a consistent basis will yield much stronger results… and a stronger body.


  • Consistency in Attitude: Attitude determines so much of our response. There will be bad days, but if we persistently maintain a positive attitude we will be better able to handle those bad days. Stress and anxiety often worsen an already difficult situation. Sensei often says “Inside Out, Not Outside In.”


Goals are great, but if any worthwhile goal is to be achieved, consistency is key. Be consistent in action, consistent in focus and always maintain a positive attitude trusting that God is in control.