Character Development Class

Character Development Class

Our Character Development/Leadership class has a great start for 2020!  This class is held every Monday at 5 pm and all are welcome to join! At Basche's Martial Arts we like to think of our students as family.  Our students' conduct and character outside the school are just as important as their self-defense training in the dojo.  Students are given weekly progress charts they are responsible for completing and our amazing parents sign them before they're turned in. These progress charts include tasks such as "Make your bed", "Get up when told", "Brush your teeth", etc... Don't forget, our word of the month is "DETERMINATION."  Our students have proven they are DETERMINED to complete their progress charts every week!  This is a great step for our young students to become outstanding leaders and responsible adults! 

"Wake up with DETERMINATION.  Go to bed with SATISFACTION."  

(In picture, Basche student-Skylar Barnes age 7.  She is determined to complete her chores and go the extra mile by washing the windows.)

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