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Teen and Adult Martial Arts in Fort Wayne

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Fun, Fitness, and Self Defense. Our Adult Martial Arts Program Has It All!

Are you tired of the same repetitive gym routine? Do you want to get the same quality workout while learning self-defense and connecting with other members of the Fort Wayne community? Our Adult Martial Arts Classes are your one-stop-shop for fitness, self-defense, and high-quality martial arts training!

Join us at Basche's Martial Arts and get the real results you've been looking for. Our instructors are martial arts professionals who have years of experience in building robust fitness in individuals of all ages! From Taekwondo to Hapkido, our team will connect you with the training regimen you need to get the results you want.

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Are Adult Martial Arts Classes Right For You?

No matter your age, ability, or experience level, our team at Basche's Martial Arts can help you thrive. Our Adult Martial Arts Classes will give you the opportunity to revitalize your fitness, reclaim your confidence, experience reduced stress and anxiety levels, and feel boosted energy in everyday life. You'll also connect with new friends from around Fort Wayne, learn self-defense skills for any situation, and gain the confidence that can only come from martial arts training!

Sit down and talk with us about your goals. Whatever they are, our expert team can lay out a personalized plan for helping you achieve them.

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes can help you:
  • Create sustainable weight loss and improve your confidence
  • Gain strength, flexibility, agility, and more
  • Experience reduced stress and higher energy levels
  • Learn real-world self-defense skills for any situation
  • Connect with new friends and mentors around Fort Wayne

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Black Belt Club

The Black Belt Club is for those students who have reached an intermediate level. These students are ready to learn more and are serious about working toward their black belt. Black Belt Club members learn a more advanced curriculum while honing the skills they have already acquired. Sparring is a regular part of classes and students are also introduced to ground techniques. Although the Black Belt Club is for students who have advanced beyond the fundamentals, students of lower rank who work hard and show initiative may be invited to join the Black Belt Club early in their martial arts career.

Master's Club

The Master's Club is for students who have already earned their black belt or are nearing black belt graduation. Students who are invited to the Master's Club have learned all basic techniques and wish to learn advanced curriculum.

With decades of martial arts experience and a convenient location in Fort Wayne, Basche's Martial Arts is your source for high-quality martial arts instruction in Indiana. Our Adult Martial Arts Classes can help you do everything from boosting your overall fitness to teaching you how to fend off attackers and protect your loved ones -- join us for your first class and discover the life-changing impact that our training program can have!

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