Sometimes, people get the wrong impression of something when they don’t have all the facts. They are led to believe certain things even though it may be the farthest thing from the truth. For example, some older people may think Rock music is bad. Or some may believe tattoos are evil. And some may think martial arts are only about fighting. When it comes to the latter, you will find there is so much more.


At Basche’s Martial Arts, the physical is only a part of what is taught. Sensei Basche focuses on so much more during class. Take mental preparation, for example. When in a confrontation, things can go bad very quickly. By training the mind to be calm and in control, one doesn’t just “react” when they are confronted. Instead, they learn to control the situation in a way that minimizes the use of force (unless absolutely necessary) and diffuses the situation. The result is much different than what is often seen all around us in the news and in movies. It’s not all about being right or wrong, or about revenge. It’s about control. And the person who learns to control their thoughts and mind ultimately wins. Sensei  Basche often says that when you control the mind, the body will follow.


You may be saying, “But I don’t like conflict. I don’t like fighting”. That’s fine. And believe me, even people that are well trained in martial arts, don’t want to fight – it’s a last resort. At Basche Martial Arts, when you learn various moves under various scenarios, you aren’t just training. You are learning self-confidence. Instead of freezing up under stress if attacked, or simply reacting without focus, you learn what to do and when. This, coupled with the calm, controlled mind, gives you peace of mind. You learn and act, all while being in control. Having the knowledge that you can handle an unexpected situation makes you more confident. That self-confidence carries over to all areas of life. All a part of the mental preparation that you can expect at Basche’s Martial Arts.

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