Get the kids on the bus, get that report done for the boss, get groceries, attend karate class at Basche’s Martial Arts, attend extra-circular activities. . .

Woah, now that’s a lot of things to do in one day!  Can someone do all of those tasks in a day?  Possibly.  But no matter what is on your to-do list, it is so important to prioritize. Sensei teaches his students that their priorities should always include putting God first, sweating every day and eating a healthy diet. By following these three priorities, you set yourself up for better success with everything else.

But what about everything else? Everything else seems overwhelming. One may think “I don’t have time to make a list.”  That may have some truth, but a list can help you visualize what needs to get done first. Find out what is important to you.  Here are some helpful tips that may work for you:

  1. As you are making that list, it may be helpful to divide the list up into two groups.  One group can be the urgent list and the second list could be broken down into tasks that can be completed quickly.  For example, say you have to stop by the bank, drop something off at the post office and pick up a child from karate practice.  Maybe you could do the two quick errands before you pick the child up.  This would allow you more time whether that is at home or at work to do projects that are more time-consuming.
  2. Another thing you can do to ensure that your priorities are done on time is to focus on each task at hand.  It doesn’t help if you are talking to a friend on Facebook or having your email program open when you are working on a project at work.  Complete the project in the time allotted then make yourself available for a Facebook chat or respond to an email after the project is done.
  3. Finally, when you are finished with a priority, make sure you take a second or two to realize that you completed that task.  Perhaps mark that off your to-do list or take a quick coffee break.  Even though it may sound simple, realizing that one of your priorities is complete gives you an extra boost of energy to move on to the next task to do!

Don’t freak out if you are not perfect right away. Sensei always reminds his students that the goal is to get better and better every day. Did you try? Did you grow? Were you better than yesterday?

Sensei tells his students that whenever they set out to reach a goal they must first pray about it, then visualize it, then actualize it. List-making is just a method for visualizing what needs to be done to actualize the success that you are capable of.

The Art of Priorities