Kids have strong instincts, don’t they?  If they have done something wrong and their parent/guardian gives them a certain look, their instincts tell them “uh-oh, they know!”  Over time, we can /neglect to trust our intuition, and that could cost us everything – especially in a life or death situation.  So, what should you do? 

First, listen to your instincts and trust your gut!  If a situation doesn’t feel right or you feel uncomfortable, go with that feeling!  This doesn’t mean freak out and go spastic!  Instead, stay calm and focus on the one thing that doesn’t feel right. 

Next, if necessary, prepare to defend yourself.  Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this does not require the use of a weapon!  A person can take basic self-defense class (maybe at Basches Martial Arts) and learn simple techniques that can be used in a dangerous situation.  Such techniques could include firmly- not aggressively – turning the perpetrator away from you by the shoulders, giving them a firm shove, then stepping back and yelling, “Leave me alone!”  This draws attention to the situation, and with your hands up in the air, demonstrates that you are not the aggressor. 

In addition to teaching simple self-defense moves, Sensei Steve Basche at Basches Martial Arts always emphasizes to be aware of your surroundings.  It is so important that as you enter a room you take in all of your surroundings.  Take note of the exits that are available.  Notice the guy in the corner pacing back and forth.  Is he nervous for a reason?  Doing these simple actions doesn’t make you paranoid.  It accomplishes the opposite actually.  It helps you to know your options should your instincts kick in and tell you something is not right.  So, trust your instincts!  You never know when they could save your life or others around you!

Trust Your Instincts