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Traditional Martial Arts, Modernized Self Defense

At Basche's Martial Arts, our goal is to empower our students with traditional values such as confidence, respect, and self discipline, while giving them modernized, high quality self defense skills. We teach only a few effective techniques per belt level, which our students learn to master through repetition. Sensei Steve Basche has trained with the best of the best and he's ready to pass his knowledge on to any new student willing to learn.

Our school is a diverse group with a welcoming atmosphere where all are accepted and equal. With over 30 years of experience in diverse martial arts styles, our team at Basche's Martial Arts is proud to set the gold standard for traditional martial arts training in Indiana. Join us for your first class and discover the life-changing power of the martial arts! 

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Wow Three years. Three years. Not only has Addison progressed 8 belts later, aged 3 years and grown physically......but most of all she has grown academically and in discipline. I am going to keep telling her story. Addison has ADHD. This is a daily struggle. It breaks my heart as both her Dad and I have it too and understand it well. Addison three years ago went from straight C's and not good behavior to now almost all straight A's and a complete turn around on behavior. Since karate she has been on honor roll every semester and two years in a row earned a special field trip from school for excellent behavior. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Sensei Steve Basche FOR AMAZING, HONORABLE, LOVING, PASSIONATE AND OLD SCHOOL TEACHING of Martial Arts. Mary E. Miller, thank you as well for being a great teacher to Addison. Sensei teaches the best students and instructors. Our family is BLESSED.

Tabitha Coulter

Great Martial Arts School! Best choice in the area!!!

Sascha de Vries

Great instructors my son is learning so much.

Jennifer and David Heyn

Great environment, classes and instructors.

Cinthya Rocha

I just finished my “parents week” session and I can honestly say that Sensei and the students make it look easy. I’m exhausted but also feel energetic, and as Sensei pointed out at the beginning of the session, I will probable “feel it” tomorrow (by it I mean soreness). He did take it easy on us parents, and I thank him for that! I couldn’t be happier with not only the martial arts instruction he’s delivering to my 10 year old son, but also the values and principles he reinforces throughout.

Chris Hayes

Warm, welcoming, inviting environment. I have never taken any type of martial arts class before and I felt very comfortable and welcomed. Everyone is very encouraging and helps you persevere and do your best. I had a very good experience.

Elizabeth Slatton

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